About Transenter

Transenter was founded in the Netherlands in 2002 as a traditional translation language service provider but, since then, it has expanded to become an innovative leader in the translation and language technology market.

Transenter Translations will support you with comprehensive services in the following domains:

  • high-quality translations with reduced turnaround time,
  • solutions to maximize the re-usability of your linguistic assets,
  • optimal protection of your files in the translation process resulting in decreased risk of data breaches and content leaks.

Key Features

  • In the field of translation and localization we have established a remarkable track record. Our team consists of multilingual project and account managers with experience in complex localization projects. We hire translators who recognize all the cultural nuances and use technologies to help them apply the appropriate terminology. Additionally, we offer you a complementary translation environment to maximize the re-usability of your linguistic assets.
  • Our language technology division employs highly skilled computational linguists, who bring their expertise into the real world by supporting our clients with cutting edge solutions for managing and fully harnessing the large amount of significant information. Transenter itself is the best example of how to use and manage huge databases of content in a most secure and effective way, especially in an international environment.

Key Industries

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Legal
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • PR & Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Technical and technological
  • Tourism and Travel

Thanks to our innovative approach to multilingual content production and intelligent content analysis, your company can expand and operate cost-effectively in new markets, increase local customer satisfaction and break down cultural and linguistic barriers more easily.

And The winner is….

TRANSENTER wins LT-Innovate Award 2014 for LINGOSEC

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25 June 2014 – TRANSENTER, today has announced that it won the LT-Innovate Award during the Language Technology Innovation Summit (LT-Innovate 2014) in Brussels.

On June 24-25 2014, Brussels was again the meeting point for the European Language Technology Industry to discuss needs, strategies, innovation opportunities and business trends. The LT-Innovate Summit brings together Language Technology vendors (speech, translation & intelligent content technologies) and other stakeholders (investors, buyers, integrators, researchers, policy makers).

Along with 23 other companies, TRANSENTER was nominated to the LT-Innovate Showcases & Awards. Transenter presented its new SENSITIVE CONTENT PROTECTION SOFTWARE called LINGOSEC which minimizes the risks of information leaking and economic espionage in the process of automated and human translation.

TRANSENTER’s content anonymisation tool Lingosec finished as second among the 6 (23 nominated companies) highest ranked companies and won the LT-Innovate Award 2014. More information about the winners – LT-Innovate AWARD WINNERS.


 As of May 25th 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective. The aim of the Regulation is to provide better protection of people’s personal data and privacy.

In order to comply with the GDPR, Transenter has updated its procedures in order to further ensure the protection of the personal data it holds.

A comprehensive data protection framework is being put in place that will enable Transenter to assess its use of personal data and confirm the legal basis of processing the data to meet the applicable legal obligations. Once implemented throughout the Transenter organization this framework will continue to develop as its effectiveness will be reviewed systematically to ensure that objectives are being met and relevant issues are identified and addressed.

Where appropriate and applicable a data protection impact assessment will be carried out in line with the requirements and recommendations of the GDPR and relevant best practices.

Whether you are a client, a supplier, or a (future) employee, if you would like further information, or wish to exercise your rights under the GDPR, please submit your request to our dedicated Privacy Team by e-mailing info@transenter.com.