We all have things that push us along, make us want to go further. We all need inspiration in our lives that motivates us to go further and gets us through our daily lives.

To my point of view, travelling is one of the most inspirational things as I find that meeting new people from different backgrounds is the best way to discover yourself. A different culture whatever it is should always be inspiring as their traditions and history vary very much.

Music is also an unbelievable source of inspiration. It’s not only the music or the song it’s everything that goes behind it. The most inspiring musician to my point of view is Ludwig van Beethoven who began to lose his hearing when he was in his 20s but he continued to write music, even though he often avoided conversation except in the written form. Many of his most famous pieces were composed after he completely lost his hearing.

One of the most inspiring songs to me is I believe I can Fly by R Kelly. This is the theme song of 1996 movie Space Jam, which is also one of the most inspiring movies. This song is about how there are no goals and dreams that we can’t achieve. It all starts with first believing in our ability.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Art has been, throughout history a way to express many feelings and to evolve. One of the most inspiring artists to me was Salvador Dali cheap ray bans for his eccentric character and his totally absurd way of thinking. None of his work conformed much to anything else.

Reading allows you to escape to another world, to imagine and to discover many different things. When I was small one of my favourite books was the Chronicles of Narnia which allows people to escape to an imaginary world. Children as well as adults can relate to it using a bit Cheap Oakleys of imagination. Who never invented another world when they were little, a world of fantasies and talking animals?

Films whether historical such as The Reader (one of my all-time favourites), sociological such as Intouchables, or even animated such as the Jungle book and the Lion King are very inspirational. To me, the Disney movies in general, especially the old have inspired me since a very young age to never stop dreaming.

People are also generally a big source of inspiration. My idol is Angelina Jolie, not only is she a beautiful woman, married to Brad Pitt and an amazing actress, she is also a film director, and screenwriter (notably of the amazing film In the Land of Blood and Honey). She Cheap Jordans Sale also promotes humanitarian causes, and is noted for her work with refugees as a Special Envoy and former Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR. She seems to be a very giving person with not only three biological children but also three adopted children. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Another very inspirational person to my point of view is Nelson Mandela. A man who survived through everything and brought his country out of Apartheid.


In general I am inspired by people who follow their dreams and stick to their goals whatever it takes.

My family in general provides support and motivation. The most inspirational person to me would be my grandfather, he had achieved a lot in his life and at the age of 86 he is still able to tell many amazing stories. He inspires me to lead my life through achievements and doing what I like doing without trying to please others but to please myself. This may sound cheesy but that relationship cheap football jerseys with my family is the most inspiring aspect of my life.

Sport and sportsmen should very much be considered inspiring such as Usain Bolt the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting or Oscar Pistoriu (even after all of the recent scandals) who even with both of his legs missing, became a world class sprinter, running instead on two prosthetic blades that are almost reminiscent of ice skates.

Lance Armstrong even though he has had bad press recently he remains one of the most amazing sportsmen of the 21st Century to my point of view. He held the Tour de France a record seven consecutive Wholesale Jerseys times between 1999 and 2005 replica oakleys after being diagnosed in 1996 with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs.

All in all I am very mush inspired by new experiences which provide an adrenaline rush but also goal driven people who are more fountains than sponges, who give without expecting anything else in return.  In everyday life laughing and having fun are what motivates me to achieve my goals.

Now tell me, what inspires you?

Polly Hodgkins

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