Our Partners

Translators without Borders initiative

Transenter sponsors a large-scale, ambitious initiative in the industry called Translators without Borders. This initiative supports humanitarian organizations by providing pro bono work and, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core activities. We are proud to present to you a Certificate of Appreciation for helping them reach the incredible milestone of 4 million words donated to aid groups since May 2011.

Certificate cheap nfl jerseys of Appreciation

Green Translations


The need to reduce time-to-market and improve business processes and environmental awareness has prompted us to search for new technologies that can ensure more sustainable and responsible business practices. We believe that translations – even if only a minor source of CO2 – are a good place to start. Focusing on resource preservation is essential.

We set our mind on technology and innovation in producing translations. Remarkably this approach allowed our clients to save resources and contributed to positively meeting their sustainability targets. We saw that just by introducing Multilingual Content Recycling (MCR) clients own linguistic assets will be reused resulting in:

Less resource per translated document as we retrieve as much as possible from your database ensuring consistency with earlier translated Babylonians texts.
Better use of human resources and avoiding repetitive work which is a feature of the traditional translation process.
Less use of energy.
Less usage of paper and other natural resources.

The MCR approach led to cost savingsand reduction turn-around time without affecting quality. Feel free to contact us at +31 20808 1509 to ask how you can start saving resources in your company. We will gladly advice you how to organize your translations departments to achieve greater sustainability.

Transenter is a member of EOS: European Organisation for Security

As of 2013, EOS represents the interests and expertise of 43 Members involved in Security providing technology Solutions and Services from 13 different countries of the European Economic Area, representing more than 65% of the European Security Market and 2 million employees in Europe.

EOS is one of the most important voices in the public – private dialogue with European and Member States Institutions on security issues.

Transenter is Cheap Jerseys a part of LT-Innovate

<p Fake Oakleys style=”text-align: justify”>logo_ltinnovate
LT-Innovate gathers top executives of European companies involved in developing and selling products using speech, translation or intelligent content (text mining, semantics, analytics, etc.) technologies.

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