Machine translation

Machine translation: MT-lingo

Transenter wholesale nfl jersyes offers you MT-lingo: a Machine Translation solution, which involves building an online MT interface. Unlike free online translation tools, this secure and customized MT solution can build on corporate terminology and industry glossaries, and may be integrated within the company’s infrastructure.


For content regarding technical support, product oakley outlet documentation, web content or any other translation needs, Transenter can implement MT-lingo to accommodate all your high-volume translation requirements. We offer:

  • an infinite number of translation engines in most language pairs and domains
  • development of a translation engine based on your translated documents and its subsequent incorporation into your existing translation system
  • guaranteed security of the entire translation process
  • a warranty that states you are the sole owner of all the processed material

We offer integration of Machine Translation with 2 additional options for desired level of quality:

Instant quality – automated output Cheap Jerseys in real time: E-mail or document screening, translation for basic comprehension of any text, website, chat, notes, e-mails, instant messages, or social media.

Enhanced quality – automated output + human post-editing: improved comprehension of the document following machine translation.


Reduced time-to-market

Reach your customers quicker with your new products, upgrades or updates. Transenter employs innovative technologies to deliver your translation much faster than regular human translators are able to. MT-lingo offers you increased productivity due to the involvement and training Fake Oakleys of translation engines.

Solid terminology environment

This secure and customized Machine Translation system enables you the use of a centralized storage system of corporate terminology, industry glossaries, Translation Memory (TM) databases as well as other collected translation resources and the ability to integrate it within your business infrastructure.

Reduced translation costs

A well-developed translation engine reduces the work of translators and also the costs of human translations. In addition, it gives you a better understanding of an incoming text in a ray ban sunglasses foreign cheap football jerseys china language, and helps you to gather and process information in a much shorter period of time.

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