PR and marketing translation solutions

Badly translated marketing materials can jeopardize your marketing strategy, your brand and your relations with your customers. That is why you should always assign your text to a creatively-minded translator with an excellent feel for the culture and consumer behavior of the target country.

Translate whatever you need, the way you want

From creative website content, brochures and other marketing materials to brand name checks, market surveys, press releases and financial documents, we are ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our marketing translators combine their linguistic and copywriting skills to find the right style for a translation and to preserve the same persuasive effect on the reader. All our translators are professionally qualified, native speakers and project allocation is based on a translator’s expertise.

Engage global communities

Understanding the culture of your audience is key to the translation of all advertising content. Successful marketing translation is preserving the idea of an original message and delivering it –localized – for foreign markets. Many companies all over the world have already discovered the benefits in cooperation with global communities. What we are offering you is a community translation platform, an innovative tool that helps you reach out to the community, encouraging them to contribute their skills in creative translation to the variety wholesale Jerseys of marketing information you would find in brochures, advertisements and websites. They can also give you hints as to which keywords might be applicable for use in translating websites for given markets, or they may be able to advise you on new products and solutions. You can have a hand on the whole process, gaining creative contributors and loyal users.

Translate instantly with an accessible translation platform

There are also useful translation solutions covering a broad spectrum of marketing content that place no great demands on creativity, such as marketing reports, agreements, e-mails and official correspondence. In this respect, we can offer you a great tool – a secure translation platform where all the translation processes within a company are integrated into a single site. Here you can instantly translate all your business messages with confidence that they will not ‘accidentally’ be leaked onto the internet – something that can happen when using free online translation tools.

Make sure you get the highest quality

All translations are proofread and edited by a second translator to guarantee the highest quality. We use a standardized project management process which takes every translation through a series of predefined quality steps and checkpoints to maintain a consistent level of excellence and strict adherence to deadlines.

Our team of marketing translators specializes in translations of:

    • Advertisements
    • Brochures replica oakleys and flyers
    • Google AdWords
    • Search engine content
    • Websites
    • Press releases
    • Consumer Trends
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Advertising returns
    • Taglines
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