Desktop Publishing Cheap Oakleys (DTP) is often the final stage of a complex translation process. Completing DTP successfully requires experience and training in desktop publishing applications.


We ensure that your final product is unique in its quality and perfection. This includes:

  • working with a variety of different operating systems
  • employing state-of-the-art multilingual graphics and publishing software
  • creation of templates and document designs
  • formatting and layout of localized materials that match the original Cheap NFL Jerseys and comply with target-language standards
  • highly skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers
  • formatting and graphic design for books, user manuals, technical documentation, promotional material, online documentation and training materials


Localized services

Creation of templates and document designs as well as the formatting and layout of localized materials that match the original and comply with target-language standards.

Creative designs

We hire highly qualified and skilled DTP specialists and graphic designers to make sure your final product is distinguishable by its quality and perfect appearance.

Competitive prices

Thanks to many years of experience, we supply the materials tailored to your individual requirements at prices that make us the most competitive supplier in the international market.

Content quality

DTP is often the final stage of a complex translation process. Make sure you use the services of translators who are experts in the field and consider using Transenter for top quality translations.

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The translation of financial documents is essential for success in the global market. We are aware that it requires the highest linguistic and technical accuracy, as well as a knowledge of country-specific business practice regulations. A regular translator might lack the specific knowledge to translate a financial document properly – what you need is a high quality translation service.

Guarantee the translation quality of your financial documents by using:

  • qualified translators who have received financial translation training or have an educational background in finance or economics.
  • proprietary dictionaries and terminology, ensuring that every translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest of cheap football jerseys projects.
  • a translation memory, which increases the quality and reduces the turnaround time of your translations.

Introduce secure translation solutions to your company

When entering foreign markets, you have to adapt your products and services to the demands of the Baratas Replicas Ray Ban local market. Why don’t you use an instant translation platform? All translation processes within your company can be integrated into a single site, and this way they will be carried out more effectively and economically. You can translate all of your business notes, e-mails, instant messages, financial reports or official correspondence and be sure that the whole process is completely secure, fast and consistent in terms of financial terminology and the specific jargon used within your company.

Check out the tailor-made translation tool

Transenter specializes in providing high quality professional financial translation services for banks, investment companies and any other financial institution. For international companies, financial translation is a must in order to efficiently deal with foreign banks and financial entities and to keep their shareholders and partners up-to-date.

Trust in our extensive experience in translating specialized financial documents, including:

  • Auditor’s reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Business plans
  • Cash flow statements
  • Credit reports
  • Financial statements
  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Government tax reports
  • Insurance related documents
  • Private and public offerings
  • Shareholder information

<h4 style="text-align: fake oakleys justify”>Publish your multilingual annual reports

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Meet us at the following events:

ABSL 2016 – KATOWICE – 27 – 30 June 2016


The Annual ABSL Conference is a unique network platform and, year after year, the most awaited business service sector event in the CEE region.

Since 2010, Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), is creating an outstanding opportunity to share knowledge and experience among top level executives in the business service sector.

Our aim is to create opportunity to interact and share ideas among business’ and politics’ key influencers, and to discuss latest megatrends within the industry and beyond. ABSL Conferences gather up to 1000 business leaders and sector stakeholders, each year introducing almost 100 speakers and panelists.

A few dozen panel discussions and presentations give an overview on the current trends in macroeconomics, politics, technology and other aspects significant for the industry’s development.

CeBIT 2015 – Hannover – 16 – 20 March 2015


CeBIT – New Perspectives in IT Business

The CeBIT is one of the most important and internationally widely renowned events of the digital industry. Through its unique combination of trade fair, conferences, keynotes, corporate events and lounges, it became a significant initiator for efficient initial business contact as well as economic success.

China has been selected as official Partner Country for CeBIT 2015

Meet our specialists at WINDREAM stand – Hall 3 Stand J20 and discuss adding translation feature to your Solution! Enjoy documents translated into many languages!

To make an appointment with our specialists please call us at +31208081509 or email us

We look forward to meeting you in Hannover!

ITB BERLIN – The world’s leading travel trade show in Berlin – 4-8 March 2015

itb beRLIN

The ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) is the world’s largest tourism trade fair. The companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies.

Our team is going to be at ITB on 5th of March, so if you are interested in translation services that we are able to provide, do not hesitate to contact us before to set up the meeting in Berlin.

To make an appointment with our specialists wholesale football jerseys china please contact us by clicking here and call us at +31208081509 or email us

We are looking forward to meet you at ITB Berlin!

October 8-10 in Stuttgart, Germany


DMS EXPO, Leading Trade Fair for Enterprise Content Management

DMS EXPO, the leading trade fair for enterprise content management, has a unique position throughout the world due to its focus on digital information, document and storage management, as well as business process management and output management. The target groups for the trade fair are IT managers and managing directors, but also organisational managers and heads of technical departments.

Meet our specialists at WINDREAM stand – Hall 6-C and discuss adding translation feature to your Solution! Enjoy documents translated into many languages!

To make an appointment with our specialists cheap Oakleys sunglasses please contact us by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you in Stuttgart!

September 25-26 in Brighton, UK


THE LANGUAGE INDUSTRY a world of opportunities – Conference organized by Association of Translation Companies

The conference will focus on the changes being faced by language service providers in an increasingly challenging business environment. For more information, please visit the conference website.

Transenter MD Paul Walentynowicz will present the issue: Security for processing and sharing of data at translation agencies. Opportunities and risks. He will present how to gain benefits by using advanced language technologies offered by Transenter. Please check the program of the event for more information – Program

To make an appointment with Paul Walentynowicz, please contact us by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you in Brighton!

September 18-19 in The Hague,The Netherlands

VViN Anniversary Conference


The VViN (the Dutch association for translation agencies big and small) will host its anniversary conference on 18-19 September in The Hague. Agencies as well as independent translators are welcomed at the VViN conference.

We are pleased to announce that Transenter MD Paul Walentynowicz will present the issue: Security for processing and sharing of data at translation agencies. Opportunities and risks. He will present how to gain benefits by using advanced language technologies offered by Transenter. Please check the program of the event for more information – Program

The VViN conference will be the first place where our new language technology solution will be presented. Transenter has recently created a new CAT tool plug in “LingoTM” which may upgrade TM (Translation Memory) matches up to 15%,  by changing fuzzy matches into full matches.

June 24-25 in Brussels, Belgium

LT Innovate Summit 2014


On 24 & 25 June 2014 the 3rd edition of the LT-Innovate Summit will take place in Brussels.

This year’s Summit will again be the meeting point for the Language Technology Industry to network, discuss needs & strategies and explore innovation & business development opportunities.

We are pleased to announce that Transenter will have a chance to win the LT-Innovate Award 2014 at LTInnovate Summit 2014 for the most innovative product in language technology industry. Transenter will present its cutting edge, sensitive content protection software – LINGOSEC

The programme during this two day event includes the following:

  • Showcases allowing companies involved in developing products to present their activities in front of an audience and a Jury of experts in the run up to the LT-Innovate Award 2014;
  • The LT-Innovate Award Ceremony at which the winners of the LT-Innovate Award 2014 will be announced and celebrated;
  • Buyer Challenges in which a large LT buyers will present their needs and selected LT vendors will outline their innovative solutions;
  • Workshops on the future of Conversational Interaction Technologies (organised in collaboration with the Rockit project);
  • Networking opportunities with LT stakeholders and policy makers.

For more information please visit official website

June 4-6 2014 in Dublin, Ireland

Localization World


Conference & Exhibits

Localization World is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Attendees are the people responsible for communicating across the boundaries of language and culture in the global marketplace. With a specific emphasis on global business the conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of high-value information in the language and translation services and technologies market.

The conference is especially valuable for companies that want to venture into new international markets. People new to localization will benefit from the Global Business Best Practices and the Localization Core Competencies tracks as well as the informative exhibition area. Experienced professionals attend to learn about new tools, methods and business practices in the areas of localization and internationalization. Networking and mutual problem discussion opportunities will abound at the social gatherings, meals and break periods. Exhibitors will be present to provide information about their products and services to all levels of attendees.

Meet us there. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment and meet us at the conference.

June 2-3, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland

TAUS Industry Leaders Forum 2014

We are pleased to announce the presence of Transenter at The TAUS Industry Leaders Forum which takes place on 2-3 June 2014 in Dublin.


Transenter’s MD Pawel Walentynowicz will take part in presentations and panel discussion – Ready to unleash data sharing.

Mr. Walentynowicz will speak about data anonymization. Every day thousands of bytes are leaking into internet. Intellectual property, financial quotas, names and addresses can easily find their way into the public domain, often through free online translation engines or in transfer to third parties, including LSP’s. Could we or must we protect ourselves and our ray bans sale clients form data leaks and how?

It’s no secret: data are the fuel for automating translation. Sharing translation memory data therefore seems a ‘no-brainer’. Except, there are issues to be addressed, such as confidentiality, incentives, cleaning, finding the data you need. Unless we succeed in solving these issues together we will see a serious constraint on growth and innovation in each of our individual businesses.

After the launch of TAUS Data in 2008 around 100 organizations have started sharing and using the data. The data repository contains 55 billion words in 2,200 language pairs. Imagine what happens if we can expand the group of participating organizations tenfold. Speakers in this panel will raise the critical questions and share ideas for unleashing the power of sharing translation data.

The goal of this session is to define and agree on the key issues and concerns that restrain translation operators from sharing their translation memory data, and next to identify collaborative actions and solutions that help us to overcome these issues.

For more information cheap nfl jerseys about the event please visit the official website

May 7-9, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary


memoQfest 2014

We are pleased to announce the presence of Transenter at Kilgray’s sixth international memoQfest which takes place on 7-9 May 2014, in Budapest, Hungary. Having more than 150 attendees from about 25 countries every year, memoQfest has, over the last couple of years, become one of the most important conferences in the translation industry.

For the details of the conference please visit

Transenter MD Paul Walentynowicz will present the issue: The smaller the print, the bigger the issue – Language Service Providers at risk.

His focus will be on the problem that every day, thousands of bytes of crucial information are leaking onto internet from companies. Intellectual property, financial quotas, names and addresses can easily find their way into the public domain, which is the biggest threat in globalized business world. Also, how a company’s competitive advantage and business continuity is at stake, and how to prevent crucial data from being taken away by third parties and falling into the wrong hands will be also considered during Paul’s presentation.

Data leakage for example via MT and supply chain flaws is a real and present danger to enterprises and their translation suppliers. Software to plug these gaps is just now entering the market.

We recommend you to read the article posted by Donald A. DePalma from COMMON SENSE ADVISORY and find out more. Article to DOWNLOAD or direct link to the article

Hope to see you in Budapest!

10-14 March 2014


CeBIT – new perspectives for IT business

Meet our specialists at CeBIT exhibition in Hannover on 10-14 March to discover our language technologies and translation services.CeBIT is the world’s largest and most international computer expo.

<p style="text-align: jordan retro 11 justify”>4-8 March 2014


ITB Berlin 2014 – The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show

Meet our specialist from Transenter at ITB in Berlin on 4-8th of March and discover our solutions dedicated for TOURISM.

The ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) is the world’s largest tourism trade fair. The companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies.

4-6 February 2014



Meet our specialist from Transenter at LegalTech® in New York on 4-6th of February and discover our solutions dedicated for law firms.

LegalTech® is the #1 Resource for law firms and legal departments to get hands-on practical information for improving their law practice management.

LegalTech® provides an in-depth look at what the technological world has in store for law firms AND offers an expansive exhibit floor with the most extensive gathering of innovative products designed to meet current and future technology needs.

22-24 January 2014



Our specialist from Transenter will participate in the 7th International Conference: Computers, Privacy & Data Protection: The Global Perspective which will take place on 22nd January 2014 in Brussels.

Every year in Brussels, CPDP gathers policy makers, academics, computer scientists, consultants, practitioners and activists from all over the world to exchange ideas and discuss emerging issues in information technology, privacy, data protection and law.

We would like to encourage participants to meet our specialist at the event and have a conversation regarding cyber security and related issues.

26-27 June 2013


Brussels has again been the meeting point for the Language Technology Industry to network, discussed needs, strategies, innovation opportunities and business trends. Transenter CEO – Pawel Walentynowicz was actively participating in discussion pannel on Driving Innovation in language technology – Supply Meets Demand.

12-14 June 2013

Localization World

Every year experienced professionals attend the Localization World Conference and Exhibits to learn about new tools, methods and business practices in the areas of localization and internationalization. Networking and mutual problem discussion opportunities will abound at the social gatherings, meals and break periods. Exhibitors will be present to provide information about their products and services to all levels of attendees.With a specific emphasis on global business the conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of high-value information in the language and translation services and technologies market.Transenter will be aslo the part of this leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management.


Meet us there. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment and meet us at the conference.

20-21 March 2013

You could meet us this year at, participating in an extensive seminar programme, with impressive keynote sessions and interesting themes.

Theme 2013: Social IT: The explosive growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are pushing forth in the consumer world. At the same time social media technology today is getting more and more integrated within organizations – even apart from the use of social media as a marketing tool.

In his private the employee of today is accustomed to a different way of communicating (tweets, skype, video, Facebook, etc.) using different devices (mobile, tablet PC, digital TV). This results ina desire to use these resources in his working environment. This is called consumerization or IT.

Collaboration tools and solutions in the field of Unified Communications offer solutions to facilitate this, but what does this mean for IT organizations in the area of ​​performance and accessibility? Which tools should be there to use and how should we deal with protecting this information ? In addition to creating applications, the role of IT within organizations needs to change if they wish to continue to offer added value towards the business.

20 March 2013

Transforming European Start-ups into International Gazelles

“A journey to the future with EC-BICs’ entrepreneurs!”


Transenter was participating in this year’s Annual Policy Conference on the 20 March 2013. The aim of the 2013 EBN Annual Policy Conference was to discuss how professional networking and international collaboration can be further developed to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs and how EBN’s members – the Business & Innovation Centres (EC-BICs) – drive innovation towards start-up creation and high-growth companies.

The Policy Conference discussed not only the challenges but also key business principles including the valorisation of the potential cooperation with neighbouring growing markets, the revitalisation of the transatlantic business corridor, the potential of EU-Russia partnerships, the pragmatic collaboration with Asia’s top-players, and KA-656 a fair approach to new emerging economies, including localised smart and specialised territories.

7 March 2013

IT Risk conference

Information technology plays a fundamental role in shortening and automating business cycles and is becoming the cornerstone of a company’s processes. In this ever-accelerating market, companies need to act with greater agility, flexibility and improved service levels.


Safety and risk management are of great importance. Companies need adequate and efficient systems to improve safety, manage risks and ultimately reduce the complexity of the new age of data. Companies cannot afford loss or leakage of information, wasting time on recovery or ignoring regulations.

What are companies doing regarding risk management and security? How is the role of CISO evolving? How do you face an environment where multiple threats are on the increase? To answer these and other questions, IDC Spain held their IT Risk conference,  in Madrid attended by analysts and renowned experts in the field. Transenter took part in the conference to gather and share the knowledge.

28 February 2013

First CIRRUS workshop

On Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Thursday 28 February 2013 Transenter took part in CIRRUS first workshop holded in conjunction with Cloudscape V. This first workshop was aimed at identifying the status quo and gaps in cloud certification and standardisation and laid an important foundation for the further activities within the CIRRUS project.

The CIRRUS project supports the European Commission, ETSI al and ENISA in the implementation of the European Cloud Strategy. The workshop featured presentations from subject matter experts and generated an open and interactive discussions between the participants.

27-28 February 2013

Cloud for savings, cloud for quality

We are aware that cloud computing has enormous potential to boost innovation in Europe. But Europe has to become not just “cloud-friendly” but “cloud-active”, playing a leading role in providing value-add services and solutions.

Transenter joined the Cloudscape V – ‘Cloud for savings, Cloud for quality’ – the fifth in a series of annual gatherings that truly advocated awareness of the benefits of cloud computing. Cloudscape V focused on the cost efficiency and high quality that cloud computing offers. Open, interactive discussion between the public sector, experts and user communities was central to the event with sharing of practical experiences and best practices proposed for replication across the board.


29-30 November 2012

For Your Eyes Only

Privacy, empowerment and technology in the context of social networks

During the conference possible strategies for addressing privacy and security needs in online social networks were explored by experts on these matters.

The objective of the conference was to bring together young and senior academics, representatives from public organizations, companies, ngo’s and governments together with artists, designers and developers to discuss and create visions for online social networks in which privacy, security, and other user needs are addressed.

Internationally recognized speakers presented their vision on future themes related to social media; like privacy and minors, propertisation and consensual exploitation of personal data, privacy enhancing technologies, behavioural economics and security.

<a nfl jerseys cheap href=””>Schermafbeelding-2012-09-12-om-11.54.051

29 November 2012

The European Conference on Future Transport Fuels 2012

The conference examined the different green tools that can play a vital role in Europe’s transport landscape and will debate how to incentivise and standardise the use of such technologies and fuels. It also discussed the necessary policy and financing measures that need to be undertaken to develop an adequate infrastructure for alternative fuels and electric vehicles.

Crucially, by bringing together key stakeholders and decision makers, it provided the opportunity to take stock of the plans outlined in the Commission’s communication, assess the proposed measures, and share thoughts on the concrete steps that need to be taken and the challenges that remain as we move towards the implementation of an alternative fuel strategy for Europe.


27 November 2012

Why health is crucial to European recovery

Friends of Europe’s annual Healthcare Policy Summit entitled “Why health is crucial to European recovery” was held on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 in Brussels. Transenter was one of the participants.

This year’s summit focused on how to achieve an efficient and innovative healthcare system throughout Europe in times of austerity and increased competition from emerging markets. The summit participants also discussed the following subjects: Can e-health help deliver better care for less money within citizen-centred health delivery systems? Can austerity measures be reconciled with a boost in medical R&D and innovation spending, which is a must if the EU wants to remain a global healthcare leader? Do we need a strategic agenda for the life sciences industry.


23-25 October 2012

World’s Largest Technical Communication Conference

Transenter participated in this year´s tcworld Conference and tekom Trade Fair, which took place in Wiesbaden from October 23rd – 25th 2012. In this international trade show prime importance was given to technical communication and developmental changes which are taking place in the sector of information technology. Leading technical experts from all over the world related to this field took an active part in this event and made this event more advanced and more popular in the recent times.

Thank you for meeting us there!


16-17 October 2012

There is nothing else quite like European Development Days

On 16th and 17th of October we were supporting inclusive and sustainable growth for human development during European Development Days.

Organised by the European Commission, European Development Days (EDD) is Europe’s premier forum on international affairs and development cooperation. The world is changing and differentiated approaches to development cooperation are required. European Development Days (EDD) represents an opportunity to make good use of the diversity of viewpoints and models operating in the world. EDD is a laboratory where people from the field feed decision makers with their experience.

Thank you for joining us!


09-10 October 2012

Building bridges – Creating Synergies

We are pleased to announce that Transenter participated in European Innovation Summit, that took place on 9-10 October 2012 in the European Parliament.

Under the motto “Building bridges – Creating Synergies”, this year’s debates related to policies relevant for innovation and that are currently under review by the European Parliament, including Horizon2020, Cohesion Policy, COSME and the MFF. The summit featured an opening reception with Innovation Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, several thematic sessions throughout two days, breakfasts, lunches and dinner debates, as well as an exhibition in one of the most visible locations of the European Parliament. In addition, the “Innovative Europe Reality Check” provided an opportunity for innovation practitioners to describe online their major challenges and express ideas on how to improve the framework conditions for innovation.

The goal of this session is to define and agree on the key issues and concerns that restrain translation operators from sharing their translation memory data, and next to identify collaborative actions and solutions that help us to overcome these issues.


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As Transenter, we have identified translations as one of the critical sources of data leaks; NDA’s between translation vendors (data processors) and legal offices may not be enough of a privacy protection.

When sending documents to Transenter, as data controller, you can rely on a professional legal translation service and highly secured transfer and storage of your clients’ data as Transenter complies with both EU and USA data security jordan retro 11 laws.


Legal translation requires specialist skills and long term Carmen experience. It’s all about Internet the proper wording when it comes to legal contexts as the slightest error can have terrible consequences. What’s more – legal language and concepts may vary from country to country. Some countries have specific legal guidelines that you should take into account. Cheap Jerseys Our experts are trained to recognize Cheap nfl Jerseys these variances and can assist you in applying the correct terminology.

Leave it to our team of specialists

We maintain our rigorously high standards in legal translation by assigning translation work to translators and proofreaders who either have extensive experience working in the legal industry or will have undergone dedicated legal translation training. Our translation team not only understands legal terminology, but also has an understanding cheap oakleys sunglasses of relevant common law and civil law legal systems. Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen translation field, including: international law, tax law, labour and employment law, insurance law, energy law.

Use secure and accessible online platform

You can commission each of your translations separately the traditional way, or you can benefit from a modern translation platform, which allows you to control the whole translation process within your company by integrating it to a single site. fake oakleys Thanks to this solution, you translate your content efficiently and easily, and maintain total control over each document translated, the cost of translation, etc. The high quality of your translations is guaranteed by centralised translation memories and terminology repositories and the collaboration of a team of well trained and experienced translators.

Areas of Specialization

We translate cheap mlb jerseys different kinds of legal documents including:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Articles ray bans sale of association
  • Certificates of accuracy
  • Court documents
  • Tender documents
  • Contracts
  • Arbitration and litigation
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Legal certifications and statements
  • Government and legal ruling reports
  • Patent and trademark filings
  • Letters of credit
  • Licenses
  • Expert reports
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Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents requires profound professional knowledge. That is why we hire experienced language professionals, industry experts and project managers who are able to deliver the most complex and specialized medical translations.

<h4 cheap nfl jerseys style=”text-align: justify”>Expect more and benefit from expert knowledge

Well translated medical and pharmaceutical documents are guaranteed by most qualified translators who have received medical translation oakley sunglasses sale training or have an educational background in medicine or pharmacology. cheap jerseys Transenter collaborates with the best translation professionals from all over the world who have practical experience in a wide range of specialized medical fields and are up-to-date with the latest legislation and regulations. Our translators specialize in the following fields: medicine and pharmacology, biotechnology, healthcare, medical publishing, medical and diagnostic equipment manufacture, medical insurance and reinsurance and medical communications. We use proprietary dictionaries and terminology, ensuring that every translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest of projects. You can also benefit from translation memory, which increases the quality and turnaround of your translations.

Stay updated with your industry and the latest technology solutions

In order to stay ahead in the industry, you need efficient, high-quality translations of all your documentation. You can benefit from a cheap oakleys sunglasses translation platform that will allow ray ban outlet you to manage the translation process more effectively. Here you have total control over all Cheap Jordans your translations. They are not only secure, ensuring that no confidential data will be leaked onto the internet, but are also made to reflect the medical terminology and regulations of your specific market. Choose the optimal solution for your company’s needs.

Demand confidentiality and accuracy

Having extensive experience in delivering medical and pharmaceutical translation for many drug companies, we are well equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity, as well as ensuring that all translations conform to EMA and FDA guidelines. We have the capabilities for satisfactorily delivering a wide range of projects from patent applications, commercial contracts, and clinical research data, to sales and marketing literature and everything in between.

Documents translated include:

  • Articles for specialist journals
  • Books and sponsored publications
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information
  • Product information (equipment, packaging labels)
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Conference proceedings APRIL and presentations
  • Medical insurance documentation
  • Training courses and instructions
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Patient Information
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Drug Registration Documentation
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Corporate Websites and Portals
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Our program

Transenter provides international clients with cutting-edge translation solutions. Having started out as a small-scale translation agency with moderate-sized clients, we are now well on our way to serving the corporate giants of the world.

  • Are you an energetic student looking to express your creativity and individuality?
  • Are you willing to learn about new technologies and solutions that could revolutionize the business world?
  • Are you interested in working in a productive learning environment in an international setting?
  • Are you a student of languages, business management, economics or social sciences?

If so, you are the perfect candidate for a business development internship at Transenter.

Your skills and qualifications will ideally include:

  •     Good knowledge of MS Office;
  •     Advanced communication skills;
  •     Advanced knowledge of English;
  •     Self-motivation and enthusiasm;
  •     Teamwork with a passion for excellence;
  •     Motivation to work in a multicultural / international environment;
  •     Commitment to ongoing learning and putting newly acquired knowledge into practice.

<p cheap jordans online style=”text-align: justify”><a title="Please upload your cheap jerseys CV” href=”” target=”_blank”>Click here and upload your CV now!

  • An internship at Transenter is a good opportunity to try out potential career choices. You’ll get real-life experience doing the work of an employee in an organization;
  • An internship at Transenter is also a good way to learn about different management styles and work environments. Internships help you learn what type of work suits you;
  • An internship at Transenter will help you develop professional skills ray ban sunglasses and build a network of contacts. This will come in useful when you begin your job search;
  • When you begin the internship at Transenter, you work with your supervisor to create a document that maps out a work plan and outlines what you intend to learn and accomplish.

Your main activities include:

  • contacting prospective clients;
  • participation in marketing and selling projects adapted to the specifics of your country of origin jordan sale and the relevant market;
  • brand management;
  • participation in marketing campaigns;
  • suggesting new ways of development;
  • market research;
  • translation replica oakleys and localization of company projects;
  • proofreading and revisions of documents;
  • cooperation with project managers on translation projects;
  • participation in creative marketing tasks.

The benefits of our program:

  • Practical skills and knowledge in an international environment to complement your educational background or desired field;
  • Interaction with a different cheap oakley sunglasses social and cultural environment with a view of gaining experience in translation management;
  • Opportunity to apply your personal and professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to your work for the organization;
  • Developing your awareness and knowledge of social issues, and the different customs of your country of origin and the host country (Poland);
  • Opportunity to contribute to personal and professional life goals;
  • Developing your skills in a business environment.

Important information:

  •     Internship location: Wroclaw, Poland;
  •     Length of stay: minimum 4 months (preferably longer)*;
  •     Starting date: beginning of every month;
  •    Free accommodation;
  •    Pocket money: 200 Euros**.
* 6 months is the ideal duration to gain proper knowledge and experience
** 200 Euros will be paid monthly in PLN (converted according to the NBP’s 2015 average annual price) less tax
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Badly translated marketing materials can jeopardize your marketing strategy, your brand and your relations with your customers. That is why you should always assign your text to a creatively-minded translator with an excellent feel for the culture and consumer behavior of the target country.

Translate whatever you need, the way you want

From creative website content, brochures and other marketing materials to brand name checks, market surveys, press releases and financial documents, we are ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Our marketing translators combine their linguistic and copywriting skills to find the right style for a translation and to preserve the same persuasive effect on the reader. All our translators are professionally qualified, native speakers and project allocation is based on a translator’s expertise.

Engage global communities

Understanding the culture of your audience is key to the translation of all advertising content. Successful marketing translation is preserving the idea of an original message and delivering it –localized – for foreign markets. Many companies all over the world have already discovered the benefits in cooperation with global communities. What we are offering you is a community translation platform, an innovative tool that helps you reach out to the community, encouraging them to contribute their skills in creative translation to the variety wholesale Jerseys of marketing information you would find in brochures, advertisements and websites. They can also give you hints as to which keywords might be applicable for use in translating websites for given markets, or they may be able to advise you on new products and solutions. You can have a hand on the whole process, gaining creative contributors and loyal users.

Translate instantly with an accessible translation platform

There are also useful translation solutions covering a broad spectrum of marketing content that place no great demands on creativity, such as marketing reports, agreements, e-mails and official correspondence. In this respect, we can offer you a great tool – a secure translation platform where all the translation processes within a company are integrated into a single site. Here you can instantly translate all your business messages with confidence that they will not ‘accidentally’ be leaked onto the internet – something that can happen when using free online translation tools.

Make sure you get the highest quality

All translations are proofread and edited by a second translator to guarantee the highest quality. We use a standardized project management process which takes every translation through a series of predefined quality steps and checkpoints to maintain a consistent level of excellence and strict adherence to deadlines.

Our team of marketing translators specializes in translations of:

    • Advertisements
    • Brochures replica oakleys and flyers
    • Google AdWords
    • Search engine content
    • Websites
    • Press releases
    • Consumer Trends
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Advertising returns
    • Taglines
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Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Even the best book in your portfolio can be ruined by a poor translation. With our extensive experience in the publishing industry, we know what it takes to make your book translation a success. By choosing our services, you gain the opportunity of Wholesale Jerseys having your books translated by some of the best specialists on the market. 

Choose specialized translators

We choose translators with extensive experience or an educational background in a given field or topic. They also have knowledge of specialized terminology, ensuring that each translation is both accurate and consistent.

Our project managers inspect every step of the translation process to make sure it is performed according to guidelines. They look for potential obstacles and eliminate them in time. Their job is to enhance the quality as well as the turnaround of your translations.

<h2 Cheap NFL Jerseys style=”text-align: justify”>Benefitting from the knowledge of expert editors and proofreaders

We take all the steps necessary to give you the best formatting, style, and accuracy in your text. Our editors are famous for their eye for detail and precision, and it’s our proofreaders’ job to detect and correct all production errors in a text. Their many years’ worth of experience contributes to their consistently high level of accuracy.

Check out the possibilities of a community translation platform

Benefit from using a community translation platform as an additional asset in translating your books, irrespective of genre. wholesale nfl jerseys Here is a place where you can take advantage of the cheap oakleys sunglasses specialized knowledge of your fans and readers. They are happy to share their knowledge on many different topics, helping you to produce ever better translations, and perhaps even develop your publishing schedule. You can translate large amounts of information in a cost-effective way while simultaneously strengthening your relationship with your community of readers. The whole process is supervised by our project managers and managed by you.

Discover an instant translation platform

You can manage your translations traditionally, by delegating them to a single professional translator or you can use a new translation approach – a multitasking translation platform. This is a jordan sale perfect combination of technology and the human factor that allows you to translate texts of any kind such as books, marketing information or contracts. It is a modern tool, where every editor is able cheap nfl jerseys to supervise the whole translation process of any book or official document. You will especially appreciate it when you want to translate an updated edition of a book you have previously translated. Usually only a small part of the text will have been added or modified – a lot of it remains unchanged. With this tool at your disposal, you don’t have to translate it all over again and this will save you time and speed up the process of the book reaching the market. The platform helps you to control the whole publishing plan, updating it, when necessary, tracking its progress, and using terminology consistent across all your publications. This last feature becomes especially important when for example terminology changes take place due to the introduction of new technologies, new products, new names etc.

Check the list of literary genres we have already translated:

  • Business & Investing
  • Cookbooks
  • Computers & Technology
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Education & Teaching
  • History
  • Medicine
  • Parenting & Relationships
  • Philosophy
  • Politics & Current Affairs
  • Psychology
  • Science & Nature
  • Self-Improvement
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Sports & Adventure
  • Travel
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