About Transenter

Transenter was founded in the Netherlands in 2002 as a traditional translation language service provider but, since then, it has expanded to become an innovative leader in the translation and language technology market.

Transenter Translations will support you with comprehensive services in the following domains:

    • high-quality translations with reduced turnaround time.
    • solutions to maximize the re-usability of your linguistic assets.
    • optimal protection of your files in the translation process resulting in decreased risk of data breaches and content leaks.


    • In the field of translation and localization we have established a remarkable track record. Our team consists of multilingual project and account managers with experience in complex localization projects. We hire translators who recognize all the cultural nuances and use technologies to help them apply the appropriate terminology. Additionally, we offer you a complementary translation environment to maximize the re-usability of your linguistic assets.
    • Our language technology division employs highly skilled computational linguists, who bring their expertise into the real world by supporting our clients with cutting edge solutions for managing and fully harnessing the large amount of significant information. Transenter itself is the best example of how to use and manage huge databases of content in a most secure and effective way, especially in an international environment.

Green Translations – Multilingual Content Recycling (MCR)

The need to reduce time-to-market and improve business processes and environmental awareness has prompted us to search for new technologies that can ensure more sustainable and responsible business practices. We believe that translations – even if only a minor source of CO2 – are a good place to start. And focusing on resource preservation is essential.

So we set our mind on technology and innovation in producing translations. Remarkably, this approach allowed our clients to save resources and contributed to positively meeting their sustainability targets. We saw that just by introducing Multilingual Content Recycling (MCR) clients’ own linguistic assets will be reused, resulting in:

    • Less resources per translated document as we retrieve as much as possible from your database, thus ensuring consistency with earlier translated texts.
    • Better use of human resources and avoiding repetitive work which is a feature of the traditional translation process.
    • Less use of energy.
    • Less usage of paper and other natural resources.

The MCR approach led to cost savings and reduction turn-around time without affecting the output quality. Feel free to contact us at +31 20808 1509 to ask how you can start saving resources in your company. We will gladly advise you on how to organize your translation department to achieve greater sustainability.

Translate instantly with an accessible translation platform

You can commission each of your translations separately via the ‘traditional’ way, or you can benefit from a modern translation platform, which allows you to control the whole translation process within your company environment by integrating it to a single site. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to translate your content easily and efficiently, while maintaining total control over each document translated, the averall cost of translation, etc. The high quality of your translations is guaranteed by centralised translation memories and terminology repositories and the collaboration of a team of well trained and experienced translators.

Additionally, by using our platform, you will be able to instantly translate all your business messages with confidence that they will not ‘accidentally’ be leaked onto the internet – something that can happen when using free online translation tools.

Our translation platform enables you to choose the most suitable translation model, where time and quality are the main criteria. If you want to translate your e-mails, business documents, official correspondence, all kinds of messages, manuals or specifications, then you can also use this dedicated platform which is scaled and adapted to match your needs and expectations.

What you gain is:

    • A traditional, professional model for any texts requiring expert knowledge.
    • A specific, automated translation engine that helps you to understand and produce consistent content according to the terminology of your business.

Interested? Ask for a free quote or contact us for more information.


As of May 25th 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective. The aim of the Regulation is to provide better protection of people’s personal data and privacy.

In order to comply with the GDPR, Transenter has updated its procedures in order to further ensure the protection of the personal data it holds.

A comprehensive data protection framework is being put in place that will enable Transenter to assess its use of personal data and confirm the legal basis of processing the data to meet the applicable legal obligations. Once implemented throughout the Transenter organization this framework will continue to develop as its effectiveness will be reviewed systematically to ensure that objectives are being met and relevant issues are identified and addressed.

Where appropriate and applicable a data protection impact assessment will be carried out in line with the requirements and recommendations of the GDPR and relevant best practices.

Whether you are a client, a supplier, or a (future) employee, if you would like further information, or wish to exercise your rights under the GDPR, please submit your request to our dedicated Privacy Team by e-mailing us.