Machine translated text can be useful if you only need to understand the general meaning of the content. However, if you wish to use it for other purposes, then it will require further processing. And whenever you need to improve your machine translated documents, you should consider using a thorough, post-editing tool.


Post-editing is the process of correcting machine translation output so that it meets specific quality criteria. Transenter provides:

  • post-editing of the machine translated text through the use of an online editor;
  • the option of choosing from a selection of pre-trained – machine translation engines for each required language pair and specialization field;
  • a user-friendly system, even for users with little experience in post-editing;
  • the possibility of post-editing the text with your own internal specialists or with our team of professionals, who monitor the process and deliver the final product in accordance with your guidelines.


Accurate and complete final message

The editing option aims to make more fluent sentences, correct grammar and keep the style consistent within each topic.

Overall consistency

Terminology is generally managed by the trained MT engine, ensuring consistency across all company texts.

Increased efficiency

Post-editing productivity has proved to be significantly higher, and can double the productivity of traditional translation processes. Furthermore, the more post-editing is done, the higher the quality of the machine translation output will become, thus helping us decrease the amount of time and costs involved in the translation process.

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