Legal translation solutions

Legal translation solutions

As Transenter, we have identified translations as one of the critical sources of data leaks; NDA’s between translation vendors (data processors) and legal offices may not be enough of a privacy protection.

When sending documents to Transenter, as the data controller, you can rely on a professional legal translation service and highly secured transfer and storage of your clients’ data, as Transenter complies with both EU and US data security laws.


Legal translations require specialized skills and long term experience. It’s all about the proper wording when it comes to legal contexts as the slightest error can have terrible consequences. What’s more – legal language and concepts may vary from country to country. Some countries have specific legal guidelines that you should take into account. Our experts are trained to recognize these variances and can assist you in applying the correct terminology throughout the project.

Leave it to our team of specialists

We maintain our rigorously high standards in legal translation by assigning translation work to translators and proofreaders who either have extensive experience working in the legal industry or will have undergone dedicated legal translation training. Our linguists not only understand legal terminology, but also have an understanding of relevant common law and civil law legal systems. Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen translation field, including: international law, tax law, labour and employment law, insurance law and energy law.

Areas of Specialization

We translate different kinds of legal documents – including:

    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Articles of association
    • Certificates of accuracy
    • Court documents
    • Tender documents
    • Contracts
    • Arbitration and litigation
    • Court and witness transcripts
    • Legal disclaimers
    • Legal certifications and statements
    • Government and legal ruling reports
    • Patent and trademark filings
    • Letters of credit
    • Licenses
    • Expert reports

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