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The French cheap ray bans Translation Center provides professional human translation services which are subjected to strict quality control procedures. We keep the turnaround time as short as possible but at the same time ensure a top-class product, saving you time and ray ban sunglasses money.  Click here for a free quote.

Below please find some useful facts about French:

English French translation | French English translator | French English translation

  • French is spoken by 77 million Cheap Jordan Sale people around the world as their first language;
  • 50 million people speak French as a second language;
  • French is spoken by 200 million people as a foreign language;
  • French is one of the official languages in 27 countries, spoken in a total of 57 countries;
  • French and English are the only languages spoken as native languages on 5 continents and the only languages taught in every country in the world.

You can wave goodbye to any nagging doubts about any translation from or into French, because we make sure that your documents are translated with exceptional levels of care and confidentiality. We use state-of-the-art technology, including a range of CAT-tools, to ensure a smooth translation process. Our assets are:

High-quality French translators
We only work with highly qualified translators with many years NFL Jerseys China of experience. They have all undergone rigorous screening. The translators we assign to your project have accumulated high levels of expertise in your particular sector.

If you are having documentation translated for the French market, your text will be adapted to suit France and the French culture and business context. As a result, the reader is given the impression that the text was originally written in French. We take time to make sure your translation flows as naturally as possible.

Transenter strictly adheres to the ethical code for our industry and the standards set by the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. Our translators are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. We always keep your translations confidential.

Feel free to ask for a quote now.

The French Translation Centre uses various teams of specialist translators from and into French, depending on the area in question. We make sure that we assign the work to mother-tongue translators with the experience required to cope with the level of specialisation involved in your translation.

Legal French translation:
We have your legal documents translated by experienced translators with university law degrees who understand the legal system in France or other countries where the text is to be used.

Technical French translation:
Your manuals, technical specifications and instructions will be translated from or into French by experts with university qualifications and then reviewed by technical specialists.

Financial French translation:
Our clients include investment companies, insurance companies and banks. Our financial translation fake ray bans team works closely with economists and financial analysts to offer expert translation of a wide range of financial documents including:

  • annual reports;
  • balance sheets;
  • financial statements;
  • financial due diligence reports;

Marketing translation:
Do you need your website, promotional material, brochures or presentations translated into French?
Poorly translated marketing materials can jeopardise your marketing strategy. Therefore we assign your text to a creative-minded translator with an excellent feel for the French culture and consumer behaviour in France or another country. In addition to standard translations of advertisements, brochures or flyers, we can support you with setting up PPC campaigns in France or another country or starting up and maintaining French Google AdWords campaigns.

Website translation and localisation:
With a multilingual website you can revolutionise your market coverage. We offer full website localisation services in most of the main business languages. Our website translation team will work with you closely to ensure the international success of your website, providing support with:

  • website content translation into French;
  • website optimisation including French language-related support for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation);
  • keyword translation into French.

We work with most formats: HTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, PHP, etc.

If you have any further questions, contact us or request a free quote.

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